We love to hear “this feels like a home to me” or “now I could live in this!”

We love that you feel this way when you go into our tiny homes and love the design. The layouts are thought through ad nauseam for the design to be seen. If you’re caught up on the way you move through a tiny house sometimes tunnel vision occurs, and you just can’t see past it to notice the other details. Later that day you’re thinking to yourself, it’s just not right, or I can’t work around that. It’s all you can think about.

The white walls and ceiling create a blank canvas that in turn, allow you to see your belongings in. If you don’t believe me, have a realtor show you a half dozen homes and then talk to me. If you are a real creative type and can do a demo or builds, it’s possible to see around it. But for the vast majority of people, it’s easier this way. Neutral colors are almost a must when selling a home, and if you take the lazy route and leave things as is, you’re likely to pay for them in the sale of your home. White is also durable and will hold up- you’ll be amazed at what a magic eraser will do after 1,000 people walk through the home. Cleaning is virtually effortless and takes no time at all!  Some people want more rustic and that’s okay, but what we’re trying to is show another side of the tiny home.  You don’t have to give up paint just because you’re in a tiny home.

I love the look of having new with old. A few industrial pieces with modern tile and warmer natural wood elements come together and are quite striking. The poured concrete countertops have safe food sealer applied to them and run throughout the home. Tying together the built-in to the kitchen and overall making it appear even bigger.

Storage for tiny home owners has always been a concern. We’ve ensured there is storage everywhere. While keeping minimalistic, however, there is still stuff, am I right? We’ve left two large spaces on the back of our Acadia model for the owner. If you need additional room for a road bike, kayak, garden tools or just need room for an outdoor grill we can work on a design to accommodate you. Bottom line, if you want to live tiny, there is more space in this home for customization both inside and outside this home.

This tiny home is for sale! Please contact us for a showing if you haven’t checked it out yet or work with us to design your own tiny home. Info@tinylivingspaces.com or www.tinylivingspaces.com #gotinylivebig


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