The planning process is really the toughest part of the job.  So much time and consideration goes into these spaces. A month of planning went into this second build, all before the first nail was set!  Why?  It’s that critical!

Can the piece or space function have multiple uses?  If not, does it have a significant purpose or need to be here?  Is there space and flow in the design?  Even jogging back a section of the countertops to allow for door movement make all the difference in the world, but the trick in great design is that you shouldn’t even see those details when you walk in to the room.  A great design allows you to feel ample space without even realizing how it all works.

I have to be honest here and say that the spaces we’re designing here are much more effective and efficient than our own home when it was built 20 years ago!  The initial kitchen design had the oven door bumping into the cabinet pulls and no lazy susan in the corner cabinets- who does that? It was a bear to get at anything and just forget about cleaning it.  The fridge was in the wrong space made the hallway this long dark dungeon of a space when our guests arrived.  Not very welcoming and ultimately a kitchen redo was needed to make things more open and efficient.  Let’s face it, no one wants to live in a tiny home that feels tiny, am I right?

Let’s work together and plan your next home!

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