NH Approves ADU’s

It’s official:

After June 1, 2017 New Hampshire communities will not be able to require that such units be occupied only by a family member, or have a separate water or sewer connection, or contain just one bedroom, or maintain an always-unlocked doorway connection to the rest of the house. The change applies both to new construction and renovations to an existing home.

Gov. Maggie Hassan signed a bill in the works for nearly two years that cuts back on restrictions that towns and cities can put on such units.

The law does allow communities to require that the building owner live on site, meaning no absentee landlords.

Source- http://americantinyhouseassociation.org/new-hampshire-approves-adus/

Source – http://www.concordmonitor.com/Articles/2016/03/From-Archives-1/accessoryunits-cm-032616

Bill – http://www.nl-nh.com/vertical/sites/%7B26F9F697-D5BE-4423-95D7-E1EECBB7F549%7D/uploads/SB_146_Accessory_Dwelling_Unit_update_Jan_2016.pdf



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