Did you know the average college student is carrying anywhere from $30-$100,000 in student debt right out of college? That’s with or without a degree! Let’s also consider that the average worker changes his/her job every 3-5 years vs. 15-20 that our parents or grandparents did. A 30 year mortgage and being tied down to one location no longer works for many young adults. The fact is millennials own fewer homes than any other generation in history and just for some of the reasons listed above. Newlyweds and singles are looking in search for smaller carbon footprints, sexy customization, smart technology and achieving home ownership in the fastest way possible. Now consider having the option to rent these babies out on your own piece of land as additional income opportunities! Get the picture….

Please contact us Info@tinylivingspaces.com to discuss your custom build. We want your tiny home to reflect the lifestyle you aspire to achieve!

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