On the heels of our visit to Brattleboro VT this weekend at Tiny House Fest, we got tons and tons of great feedback! In the first blog post of a few, I’ll address many of the comments made while touring our tiny home from first timers to professionals.

“I LOVE THAT TILE” or “would it be okay if I took a picture, this is what I want!” were big ones. Maybe some of the most common we got! First off, this bathroom is a full-size bath, why? No-one likes to get changed in a loft or a kitchen space on a regular basis, and if they say they do, they are lying! It would be comparable to getting changed in the back of a station wagon, so we make our tiny homes with full-size bathrooms. We certainly will customize if you don’t want that feature, but this leaves us with additional room to move around. There is a full closet, and we have the space need for someone to slide in a Washer/Dryer combo unit. Yes, the bathroom is plumbed and wired for this design, that way you do not have to call in a plumber or electrician to get it done at a later date. The tile on the floor is graffiti tile- which has graffiti on it. It is made this way, and the tile is durable and will hold up to wear and tear over and over again. The selling point for me was that I’m told this could be installed in a garage and cars could drive over it for 20 years and have it look the same. I don’t know if that claim is accurate, but it sold me on the product. It’s also a fetching design I certainly wouldn’t mind in my own home and it sounds like I’m not alone!  Subway tile is just a classic, almost perfect look, and with the subway we selected there is a twist! It’s three dimensional and pops out from the wall like and large embossed look to it. We chose some contrasting grout that makes it jump right out at you and highlights the dimensions of the design. Lastly, the pebble tile on the floor of the shower is real fun. The stones if you look closely enough are flat on the top, that specific feature of the tile allows for the water to flow to the drain without hanging up on the stones which allow the shower, tile and grout to dry out faster between uses. The glass enclosure on the shower was a hit, not all of us love plastic, and it does stand up to travel, but we’ve found not all tiny home owners travel all the time. We are finding many have land or are looking and are not looking and have no intention on moving it regularly.

Keep in mind, the designs of our homes are just that, homes. Please feel free to reach out with questions about where to find the tile or to work with us to build your tiny home email us at info@tinylivingspaces.com. Follow us on FB, Instagram, and Twitter or our website at www.tinylivingspaces.com.


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