Think about that one floor squeak in your home, you know where it is! You haven’t taken the time to fix it because you likely step on that space maybe twice to three times a day. Now consider in a tiny space where you’ll be utilizing the same space several dozen times in one day… it will drive you crazy won’t it?!

Considerations for well made tiny home trailers and framing costs, as well as, interior finishes should be of the highest priority and quality. Your tiny home trailer must be designed to not only carry weight but also designed with safety in mind. We ensure your custom Tiny Living Space will accommodate the maximum number of connection points between your homes framework and the steel trailer. No additional dovetail or side walls means a flat foundation for your house to sit on and we’ve included electric brakes on both axles ensure that you’ll be able to stop your house when needed. It’s time to begin your journey on the right foundation.

If you need a trailer, looking for a shell or want us to work with you to create a quality custom tiny home contact us for more details at #gotinylivebig

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