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Go Tiny Live Big

Go Tiny Live Big

Go Tiny Live Big

Going Tiny Is A Big Deal, Right?…

The tiny home movement has taken the world by storm. Seems everyone wants to go tiny! The idea is simple really, going tiny embodies the desire to work less and play harder, it reduces your carbon footprint while at the same time identifying what you enjoy most and eliminating the rest. Living smaller shouldn’t require you to downgrade, realistically it will allow you to maintain or enhance your current lifestyle!

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Pare Down…

While paring down, there is much to consider, but the best way to start the process is to identify something you LOVE. I have a lot of things, how do I choose? What do I identify in my current space I couldn’t live without? How does my daily activity play into the design and tiny floor plan? What do I do about items with sentimental value? The truth is… many of us have things that take up space but don’t necessarily increase our happiness or quality of life. Bottom line: Identify what means the most to you. Decide if it must be with you and in what capacity. Meaningful photos can be downsized by going digital. Large items such as furniture may need to be up-cycled and repurposed in your new space. Items that are no longer needed may be gifted to the needy, giving you added enjoyment throughout the process of downsizing.

Many people choose to sell items on LetGo, Craigslist & other easy to use sites putting that money towards a new trip. Paring down doesn’t have to be painful, it can be meaningful and used to create a space or experience that you enjoy and give you tremendous pleasure. We’ve found the best ways to truly SIMPLIFY is by having less, more quality things you enjoy, that exude your personality and lifestyle.

At Tiny Living Spaces we’re dedicated to delivering a custom quality product and design that you’re happy to call home!

Did you say…tiny Airbnb??

You heard us right...  Lil'blue is in Landgrove, VT as an Airbnb!  Want to see what it's like to move around and even live in a tiny home? Now's your chance!  Perhaps you are still interested in purchasing Lil'Blue?  She's still for sale and owner financing is now an...
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Scheduling Conflict: Newport Flower Show

http://www.newportmansions.org/events/newport-flower-show Due to a scheduling conflict we cannot make this event.  Please inquire via the website for information about our available units for sale.  603-219-3642...
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Top Tiny House Blog

Top Tiny House Blog Winner! Thank you Feedspot for checking us out and including us on the most comprehensive list of the 60 best Tiny House blogs on the internet. We're very excited to be part of this exclusive community.  Keep on blogging......
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Financing Now Available!

We've partnered with Merrimack County Savings Bank and Meredith Village to offer Tiny Home Financing!  If you're in the market for our homes we're happy to offer financing options. Please contact us for more information @ info@tinylivingspace.com
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“This Feels Like A Home!”

We love to hear "this feels like a home to me" or "now I could live in this!" We love that you feel this way when you go into our tiny homes and love the design. The layouts are thought through ad nauseam for the design to be seen. If you're caught up on the way you...
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On the heels of our visit to Brattleboro VT this weekend at Tiny House Fest, we got tons and tons of great feedback! In the first blog post of a few, I'll address many of the comments made while touring our tiny home from first timers to professionals. "I LOVE THAT...
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The Concord Monitor Visits

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE  http://www.concordmonitor.com/Tiny-Living-Spaces-builds-tiny-homes-in-Henniker-11929663
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Tiny House Fest 2017

We’re taking our show on the road Labor Day Weekend, Sept 1-4. Come join us on Sunday Sept 3rd for the tiny house tour, as over a dozen tiny homes or more will be available to walk through.  We’re taking our newest Acadia model to show off so we hope to see you...
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NH Approves ADU’s

NH Approves ADU’s It’s official: After June 1, 2017 New Hampshire communities will not be able to require that such units be occupied only by a family member, or have a separate water or sewer connection, or contain just one bedroom, or maintain an always-unlocked...
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Planning Is Critical

The planning process is really the toughest part of the job.  So much time and consideration goes into these spaces. A month of planning went into this second build, all before the first nail was set!  Why?  It's that critical! Can the piece or space function have...
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72 Old West Hopkinton Road Unit #2
Henniker, NH 03242


At Tiny Living Spaces we are dedicated to the safety, craftsmanship and longevity of your tiny home. If you are interested in updates or would like to find out more information, we'd love to hear from you. Sign up to receive updates and news about our open houses, newest projects and view demo models.



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